316 Stainless Steel

This a list of our 316ss parts, most are surplus parts so we are pricing them to sell. If you don’t see the exact part you need call Seth at 1-800-usa-esco, we can probably make it for you in a few short weeks at very reasonable pricing.

The search box is keyword based, so if you are looking for a 10-24 x 1/2 ph pan 316 for example enter in the search box 10-24 1/2 pan  to see a list of available options. You can add or remove terms to see more or less items.

ProductDescription Qty On HandOrigin
CPBSX08X24LP8 X 1-1/2 COMB PAN T-B 316 1/4" LEAD SQ SOC/PHL165Domestic
CPMSSX06C056-32 X 5/16 COMB PAN 316 PH / SLOT2195Domestic
CPMSSX08C128-32 X 3/4 COMB PAN 316 PH/SL COMB2075Domestic
HBASX08X168 X 1 HEX BUTTON SOC T-A 316390Domestic
HBCSSX10C0610-24 X 3/8 HEX BUTTON SOC CAP 3161500Domestic
HFCSSX12C1212-24 X 3/4 HEX SOC FLAT CAP 316290Domestic
HFCSSX14C121/4-20 X 3/4 HEX SOC FLAT CAP 316SS177Domestic
HHMSSX10C2010-24 X 1-1/4 FULL HEX 316170Domestic
HIABSX06X126 X 3/4 IND HEX T-AB 3161488Domestic
HIABSX10X1610 X 1 IND HEX T-AB 316433Domestic
HIABSX14X1214 X 3/4 IND HEX T-AB 316SS1460Domestic
HIASX14X1214 X 3/4 IND HEX T-A 3166942Domestic
HIASX14X1614 X 1 IND HEX T-A 316331Domestic
HIBSX14X1614 X 1 IND HEX T-B 3162700Domestic
HIBSX31X125/16 X 3/4 IND HEX T-B 3161037Domestic
HIFSX10C0810-24 X 1/2 IND HEX T-F 316450Domestic
HIFSX14C281/4-20 X 1-3/4 IND HEX T-F 316 FULL THREAD1080Domestic
HIMSSX04F084-48 X 1/2 IND HEX 31620Domestic
HIMSSX08C048-32 X 1/4 IND HEX 3161045Domestic
HIMSSX08C128-32 X 3/4 IND HEX 3161240Domestic
HIMSSX10C0810-24 X 1/2 IND HEX 316265Domestic
HIMSSX10C1610-24 X 1 IND HEX 316235Domestic
HIMSSX10C2010-24 X 1-1/4 IND HEX 316915Domestic
HIMSSX10C4810-24 X 3 IND HEX 31640Domestic
HIMSSX10F0410-32 X 1/4 IND HEX 316680Domestic
HIMSSX10F0510-32 X 5/16 IND HEX 316644Domestic
HIMSSX10F1210-32 X 3/4 IND HEX 316930Domestic
HIMSSX10F2810-32 X 1-3/4 IND HEX 316420Domestic
HIMSSX10F36/DFARS10-32 X 2-1/4 IN HEX 316 DFARS COMPLIANT140Domestic
HIMSSX14C12/DFARS1/4-20 X 3/4 IND HEX 316 DFARS COMPLAINT280Domestic
HIMSSX37C52FT3/8-16 X 3-1/4 IND HEX 316 FULL THREAD270Domestic
HJABSX10X2010 X 1-1/4 HEX WASHER T-AB 316470Domestic
HJABSX12X1012 X 5/8 HEX WASHER T-AB 316578Domestic
HJABSX14X1614 X 1 HEX WASHER T-AB 316300Domestic
HJABSX14X2414 X 1-1/2 HEX WASHER T-AB 3161330Domestic
HJABSX14X4014 X 2-1/2 HEX WASHER T-AB 316100Domestic
HJASX10X1610 X 1 HEX WASHER T-A 316919Domestic
HJASX12X2012 X 1-1/4 HEX WASHER T-A 316817Domestic
HJASX14X1214 X 3/4 HEX WASHER T-A 316460Domestic
HJASX14X1614 x 1 HEX WASHER T-A 316165Domestic
HJBSX14X2014 X 1-1/4 HEX WASHER T-B 316445Domestic
HJFSX14C221/4-20 x 1-3/8 HEX WASHER T-F 316185Domestic
HJMSSX10C3210-24 X 2 HEX WASHER 316393Domestic
HJMSSX14C201/4-20 X 1-1/4 HEX WASHER 316341Domestic
HSCSSX31C085/16-18 X 1/2 SOC CAP BUTTON 3161100Domestic
PBBSX08X12PP8 X 3/4 PH BINDER T-B 316 PER PRINT #IE8313B1400Domestic
PBMSSX05C045-40 X 1/4 PH BINDER 316835Domestic
PEASX08X088 X 1/2 PH FLAT 100 DEG T-A 316SS95Domestic
PEASX10X2010 X 1-1/4 PH FLAT 100 DEG T-A 316SS320Domestic
PEMSSX04C05PP4-40 X 5/16 PH FLAT 100 316 PER PRINT250Domestic
PEMSSX06C066-32 X 3/8 PH FLAT 100 3165155Domestic
PEMSSX08C068-32 X 3/8 PH FLAT 100 316510Domestic
PEMSSX08C118-32 X 11/16 PH FLAT 100 3162532Domestic
PEMSSX08C208-32 X 1-1/4 PH FLAT 100 3161102Domestic
PEMSSX10C08MK/DFARS10-24 X 1/2 PH FLAT 100* 316 DFARS COMPLIANT385Domestic
PEMSSX10C1610-24 X 1 PH FLAT 100 316106Domestic
PEMSSX10C2010-24 X 1-1/4 PH FLAT 100 DEG 316SS425Domestic
PEMSSX10F0710-32 X 7/16 PH FLAT 100 316620Domestic
PEMSSX10F0810-32 X 1/2 PH FLAT 100 3161025Domestic
PEMSSX10F1610-32 X 1 PH FLAT 100 316330Domestic
PEMSSX14C16MK1/4-20 X 1 PH FLAT 100 316 MK HD160Domestic
PEMSSX14C401/4-20 X 2-1/2 PH FLAT 100 316154Domestic
PEMSSX14C721/4-20 X 4-1/2 PH FLAT 31664Domestic
PEMSSX14F081/4-28 X 1/2 PH FLAT 100 3161003Domestic
PF25SX06X066 X 3/8 PH FLAT T-25 3162213Domestic
PFABSX06X08UC6 x 1/2 PH FLAT T-AB 316 UNDER CUT445Domestic
PFABSX06X106 X 5/8 PH FLAT T-AB 316565Domestic
PFABSX08X08UC8 X 1/2 PH FLAT UC T-AB 3161460Domestic
PFABSX10X0810 X 1/2 PH FLAT T-AB 316SS5500Domestic
PFABSX10X08UC10 X 1/2 PH FLAT UC T-AB 3162485Domestic
PFABSX10X12UC10 X 3/4 PH FLAT UC T-AB 316600Domestic
PFABSX10X1610 X 1 PH FLAT T-AB 3161790Domestic
PFASX04X104 X 5/8 PH FLAT T-A 3162800Domestic
PFASX04X164 X 1 PH FLAT T-A 3161250Domestic
PFASX04X204 x 1-1/4 PH FLAT T-A 316275Domestic
PFASX06X086 X 1/2 PH FLAT T-A 31627302Domestic
PFASX06X086 X 1/2 PH FLAT T-A 316680Import
PFASX06X106 X 5/8 PH FLAT T-A 316425Domestic
PFASX06X166 X 1 PH FLAT T-A 316100Domestic
PFASX06X286 X 1-3/4 PH FLAT T-A 316370Domestic
PFASX06X366 X 2-1/4 PH FLAT T-A 316340Domestic
PFASX08X168 X 1 PH FLAT T-A 3163650Domestic
PFASX08X248 X 1-1/2 PH FLAT T-A 3162415Domestic
PFASX08X328 X 2 PH FLAT T-A 3161889Domestic
PFASX10X0810 X 1/2 PH FLAT T-A 31616700Domestic
PFASX10X1210 X 3/4 PH FLAT T-A 3161150Domestic
PFASX10X1610 X 1 PH FLAT T-A 316300Domestic
PFASX10X2010 X 1-1/4 PH FLAT T-A 3161560Domestic
PFASX12X0812 X 1/2 PH FLAT T-A 316385Domestic
PFASX12X1212 X 3/4 PH FLAT T-A 316100Domestic
PFASX14X80T4814 X 5 PH FLAT T-A 316 3" THREAD110Domestic
PFBSX06X106 X 5/8 PH FLAT T-B 316SS400Domestic
PFBSX14X2014 X 1-1/4 PH FLAT T-B 316326Domestic
PFBSX14X2814 X 1-3/4 PH FLAT T-B 316SS2150Domestic
PFBSX37X40L3/8 X 2-1/2 PH FLAT T-B 316L33Domestic
PFFSX10C08UC10-24 X 1/2 PH FLAT UC T-F 316475Domestic
PFFSX10F06UC10-32 X 3/8 PH FLAT UC T-F 316SS2330Domestic
PFFSX14C361/4-20 X 2-1/4 PH FLAT T-F 316891Domestic
PFFSX31C245/16-18 X 1-1/2 PH FLAT T-F 316370Domestic
PFMSSX04C034-40 x 3/16 PH FLAT 316 UNDER CUT900Domestic
PFMSSX04C044-40 X 1/4 PH FLAT 31680Domestic
PFMSSX04C04UC4-40 X 1/4 PH FLAT UC 3162000Domestic
PFMSSX04C064-40 X 3/8 PH FLAT 3166065Domestic
PFMSSX04C074-40 X 7/16 PH FLAT 31619125Domestic
PFMSSX04C084-40 X 1/2 PH FLAT 3161364Domestic
PFMSSX06C03UC6-32 x 3/16 PH FLAT M/S 316 UNDER CUT290Domestic
PFMSSX06C056-32 X 5/16 PH FLAT 3161000Domestic
PFMSSX06C05UC6-32 X 5/16 PH FLAT UC 3161760Domestic
PFMSSX06C086-32 X 1/2 PH FLAT 316900Domestic
PFMSSX06C126-32 X 3/4 PH FLAT 31675Domestic
PFMSSX08C068-32 X 3/8 PH FLAT 316600Domestic
PFMSSX08C208-32 X 1-1/4 PH FLAT 31610400Domestic
PFMSSX08C36FTPASS8-32 X 2-1/4 PH FLAT 316 FT PASS'D PER SPEC453Domestic
PFMSSX08C40FTPASS8-32 X 2-1/2 PH FLAT 316 FT PASS'D PER SPEC600Domestic
PFMSSX10C0510-24 X 5/16 PH FLAT 316350Domestic
PFMSSX10C0610-24 X 3/8 PH FLAT 3167135Domestic
PFMSSX10C0710-24 X 7/16 PH FLAT 316575Domestic
PFMSSX10C1210-24 X 3/4 PH FLAT 3161320Domestic
PFMSSX10C1610-24 X 1 PH FLAT 3161320Domestic
PFMSSX10C3210-24 X 2 PH FLAT 3161147Domestic
PFMSSX10C40FT10-24 X 2-1/2 PH FLAT 316 FULL THREAD1300Domestic
PFMSSX10F0510-32 X 5/16 PH FLAT 316355Domestic
PFMSSX10F05UC10-32 X 5/16 PH FLAT UC 316600Domestic
PFMSSX10F0610-32 X 3/8 PH FLAT 3161040Domestic
PFMSSX10F06UC10-32 X 3/8 PH FLAT UC 3161175Domestic
PFMSSX10F0710-32 X 7/16 PH FLAT 3161870Domestic
PFMSSX10F0810-32 X 1/2 PH FLAT 31613505Domestic
PFMSSX10F0910-32 X 9/16 PH FLAT 316430Domestic
PFMSSX10F1010-32 X 5/8 PH FLAT 3163745Domestic
PFMSSX10F1610-32 X 1 PH FLAT 316470Domestic
PFMSSX10F1810-32 X 1-1/8 PH FLAT 316215Domestic
PFMSSX10F2810-32 X 1-3/4 PH FLAT 316544Domestic
PFMSSX14C081/4-20 X 1/2 PH FLAT 31614500Import
PFMSSX14C12PASS1/4-20 X 3/4 PH FLAT 316 PASSIVATE3500Domestic
PFMSSX14C201/4-20 X 1-1/4 PH FLAT 316205Domestic
PFMSSX14C241/4-20 X 1-1/2 PH FLAT 316773Domestic
PFMSSX14C281/4-20 X 1-3/4 PH FLAT 316680Domestic
PFMSSX14C32PASS1/4-20 X 2 PH FLAT 316 PASSIVATED2000Domestic
PFMSSX14C561/4-20 X 3-1/2 PH FLAT 3161962Domestic
PFMSSX14F081/4-28 X 1/2 PH FLAT 3161675Domestic
PFMSSX14F121/4-28 X 3/4 PH FLAT 316558Domestic
PFMSSX14F161/4-28 X 1 PH FLAT 316300Domestic
PFMSSX31C28PASS5/16-18 X 1-3/4 PH FLAT 316 PASSIVATED1200Domestic
PFMSSX31F075/16-24 X 7/16 PH FLAT 316138Domestic
PFMSSX37C103/8-16 X 5/8 PH FLAT 3161061Domestic
PFMSSX37C483/8-16 X 3 PH FLAT 3161218Domestic
POABSX31X245/16 X 1-1/2 PH OVAL T-AB 316200Domestic
POASX04X084 X 1/2 PH OVAL T-A 3165480Domestic
POASX04X204 X 1-1/4 PH OVAL T-A 316265Domestic
POASX04X244 X 1-1/2 PH OVAL T-A 316185Domestic
POASX04X324 X 2 PH OVAL T-A 316365Domestic
POASX06X066 x 3/8 PH OVAL T-A 3162800Domestic
POASX06X086 X 1/2 PH OVAL T-A 316SS4125Domestic
POASX06X086 X 1/2 PH OVAL T-A 316SS1278Import
POASX06X08PASS6 X 1/2 PH OVAL T-A 316 PASSIVATED5300Domestic
POASX06X106 X 5/8 PH OVAL T-A 3161300Domestic
POASX06X166 X 1 PH OVAL T-A 3163420Domestic
POASX06X246 X 1-1/2 PH OVAL T-A 3169900Domestic
POASX06X406 X 2-1/2 PH OVAL T-A 3161100Domestic
POASX06X486 X 3 PH OVAL T-A 3161360Domestic
POASX08X088 X 1/2 PH OVAL T-A 316430Domestic
POASX08X168 X 1 PH OVAL T-A 3161790Domestic
POASX08X168 X 1 PH OVAL T-A 316335Import
POASX08X28PASS8 X 1-3/4 PH OVAL T-A 316 PASSIVATED5600Domestic
POASX08X488 X 3 PH OVAL T-A 316200Domestic
POASX10X0810 X 1/2 PH OVAL T-A 3161500Domestic
POASX10X1010 X 5/8 PH OVAL T-A 3161370Domestic
POASX10X1210 X 3/4 PH OVAL T-A 316908Domestic
POASX10X1610 X 1 PH OVAL T-A 3161100Domestic
POASX10X16PASS10 X 1 PH OVAL T-A 316 PASSIVATE45700Domestic
POASX10X2410 X 1-1/2 PH OVAL T-A 3161180Domestic
POASX10X4810 X 3 PH OVAL T-A 3169920Domestic
POASX12X0812 X 1/2 PH OVAL T-A 3161093Domestic
POASX12X1212 X 3/4 PH OVAL T-A 3161500Domestic
POASX14X1614 X 1 PH OVAL T-A 3167825Domestic
POMSSX04C084-40 X 1/2 PH OVAL 316560Domestic
POMSSX06C046-32 X 1/4 PH OVAL 316440Domestic
POMSSX06C086-32 X 1/2 PH OVAL 3161275Domestic
POMSSX06C126-32 X 3/4 PH OVAL 3162600Domestic
POMSSX06C166-32 X 1 PH OVAL 316570Domestic
POMSSX06C246-32 X 1-1/2 PH OVAL 316950Domestic
POMSSX08C068-32 X 3/8 PH OVAL 316220Domestic
POMSSX08C088-32 X 1/2 PH OVAL 316950Domestic
POMSSX08C168-32 X 1 PH OVAL 316150Domestic
POMSSX08C208-32 X 1-1/4 PH OVAL 316195Domestic
POMSSX10C0810-24 X 1/2 PH OVAL 316400Domestic
POMSSX10C2010-24 x 1-1/4 PH OV 3163000Domestic
POMSSX10C2410-24 X 1-1/2 PH OVAL 316233Domestic
POMSSX10C24PASS10-24 X 1-1/2 PH OVAL 316 PASSIVATE3340Domestic
POMSSX10C48FTPASS10-24 x 3 PH OVAL 316 F.T. PASS3435Domestic
POMSSX10F0810-32 X 1/2 PH OVAL 316730Domestic
POMSSX10F1210-32 X 3/4 PH OVAL 316460Domestic
POMSSX10F12PASS10-32 X 3/4 PH OVAL 316 PASS'D PER SPEC10600Domestic
POMSSX10F1610-32 X 1 PH OVAL 316100Domestic
POMSSX10F3210-32 X 2 PH OVAL 316320Domestic
POMSSX14C121/4-20 x 3/4 PH OV 316450Domestic
POMSSX14C281/4-20 X 1-3/4 PH OVAL 316370Domestic
POMSSX14C40PASS1/4-20 X 2-1/2 PH OVAL 316 PASSIVATE2700Domestic
POMSSX14C56PASS1/4-20 X 3-1/2 PH OVAL 316 PASSIVATED1300Domestic
POMSSX14C641/4-20 X 4 PH OVAL 3161755Domestic
POMSSX31C205/16-18 X 1-1/4 PH OVAL 316287Domestic
POMSSX31C245/16-18 X 1-1/2 PH OVAL 316460Domestic
POMSSX31C405/16-18 X 2-1/2 PH OVAL 316393Domestic
PP23SX10C0810-24 X 1/2 PH PAN T-23 316SS430Domestic
PPABSX05X085 X 1/2 PH PAN T-AB 3161130Domestic
PPABSX08X048 X 1/4 PH PAN T-AB 3162450Domestic
PPABSX10X0810 X 1/2 PH PAN T-AB 3162550Domestic
PPABSX10X1210 X 3/4 PH PAN T-AB 3161780Domestic
PPABSX10X1610 X 1 PH PAN T-AB 3162448Domestic
PPABSX12X1612 X 1 PH PAN T-AB 3163700Domestic
PPABSX12X2412 X 1-1/2 PH PAN T-AB 316450Domestic
PPABSX14X1214 X 3/4 PH PAN T-AB 316390Domestic
PPASX04X044 X 1/4 PH PAN T-A 316550Domestic
PPASX04X084 X 1/2 PH PAN T-A 3161250Domestic
PPASX04X124 X 3/4 PH PAN T-A 3161485Domestic
PPASX04X204 X 1-1/4 PH PAN T-A 316635Domestic
PPASX06X166 X 1 PH PAN T-A 3165380Domestic
PPASX06X246 X 1-1/2 PH PAN T-A 3161300Domestic
PPASX06X366 X 2-1/4 PH PAN T-A 3161550Domestic
PPASX08X088 X 1/2 PH PAN T-A 3163875Domestic
PPASX08X088 X 1/2 PH PAN T-A 31631150Import
PPASX08X108 X 5/8 PH PAN T-A 316SS8075Domestic
PPASX08X128 X 3/4 PH PAN T-A 316170Domestic
PPASX08X168 X 1 PH PAN T-A 3161852Domestic
PPASX08X328 X 2 PH PAN T-A 316SS20Domestic
PPASX10X1010 X 5/8 PH PAN T-A 3161346Domestic
PPASX10X12PASS10 X 3/4 PH PAN T-A 316 PASS PER ASTM A967-9645750Domestic
PPASX10X16PASS10 X 1 PH PAN T-A 316 PASSIVATE8280Domestic
PPASX10X2010 X 1-1/4 PH PAN T-A 316270Domestic
PPASX10X2810 X 1-3/4 PH PAN T-A 3164275Domestic
PPASX10X56PP10 X 3-1/2 PH PAN T-A 316 2-1/2"MIN THRD PRINT300Domestic
PPASX12X1212 X 3/4 PH PAN T-A 316322Domestic
PPASX12X1612 X 1 PH PAN T-A 3163500Domestic
PPASX12X2412 X 1-1/2 PH PAN T-A 3162552Domestic
PPASX12X4012 X 2-1/2 PH PAN T-A 3161300Domestic
PPASX14X1014 X 5/8 PH PAN T-A 316850Domestic
PPASX14X1214 X 3/4 PH PAN T-A 316830Domestic
PPASX14X1614 X 1 PH PAN T-A 3161050Domestic
PPASX14X24PASS14 X 1-1/2 PH PAN T-A 316 PASSIVATED3500Domestic
PPASX14X32PASS14 X 2 PH PAN T-A 316 PASSIVATED5835Domestic
PPASX14X3614 X 2-1/4 PH PAN T-A 316715Domestic
PPBSX04X034 X 3/16 PH PAN T-B 3161372Domestic
PPBSX04X064 X 3/8 PH PAN T-B 3162000Domestic
PPBSX10X20PP10 X 1-1/4 PH PAN TYPE T-B 316 PER PRINT #BS226520195Domestic
PPBSX12X1212 X 3/4 PH PAN T-B 3164900Domestic
PPFSX08C12L8-32 X 3/4 PH PAN T-F 316L275Domestic
PPFSX10C0610-24 X 3/8 PH PAN T-F 3161450Domestic
PPFSX10C1210-24 X 3/4 PH PAN T-F 3161090Domestic
PPFSX14C121/4-20 X 3/4 PH PAN T-F 31674Domestic
PPFSX14C16L1/4-20 X 1 PH PAN T-F 316L1800Domestic
PPFSX37C323/8-16 X 2 PH PAN T-F 31645Domestic
PPMSSX04C044-40 X 1/4 PH PAN 3164350Domestic
PPMSSX04C04PASS4-40 X 1/4 PH PAN 316 PASSIVATE ASTM A9676550Domestic
PPMSSX04C054-40 X 5/16 PH PAN 31660Domestic
PPMSSX04C064-40 X 3/8 PH PAN 3165700Domestic
PPMSSX04C074-40 X 7/16 PH PAN 3162000Domestic
PPMSSX04C084-40 X 1/2 PH PAN 3166705Domestic
PPMSSX04C104-40 X 5/8 PH PAN 3161131Domestic
PPMSSX04C124-40 X 3/4 PH PAN 316750Domestic
PPMSSX04C204-40 X 1-1/4 PH PAN 316200Domestic
PPMSSX06C036-32 X 3/16 PH PAN 316600Domestic
PPMSSX06C046-32 X 1/4 PH PAN 3168140Domestic
PPMSSX06C056-32 X 5/16 PH PAN 3163385Domestic
PPMSSX06C066-32 X 3/8 PH PAN 31628275Domestic
PPMSSX06C106-32 X 5/8 PH PAN 31611075Domestic
PPMSSX06C126-32 X 3/4 PH PAN 3161350Domestic
PPMSSX06C12PASS6-32 X 3/4 PH PAN 316 PASSIVATED5000Domestic
PPMSSX06C166-32 X 1 PH PAN 3166350Domestic
PPMSSX06C206-32 X 1-1/4 PH PAN 316800Domestic
PPMSSX06C326-32 X 2 PH PAN 3161390Domestic
PPMSSX06F05PP6-40 X 5/16 PH PAN 316 PER PRINT475Domestic
PPMSSX08C048-32 X 1/4 PH PAN 31610760Domestic
PPMSSX08C058-32 X 5/16 PH PAN 3161886Domestic
PPMSSX08C068-32 X 3/8 PH PAN 31618350Domestic
PPMSSX08C078-32 X 7/16 PH PAN 3163000Domestic
PPMSSX08C088-32 X 1/2 PH PAN 3164600Domestic
PPMSSX08C08PASS8-32 X 1/2 PH PAN 316 PASS'D PER SPEC51700Domestic
PPMSSX08C128-32 X 3/4 PH PAN 3162745Domestic
PPMSSX08C148-32 X 7/8 PH PAN 316315Domestic
PPMSSX08C168-32 X 1 PH PAN 3166691Domestic
PPMSSX08C208-32 X 1-1/4 PH PAN 316429Domestic
PPMSSX08C218-32 X 1-5/16 PH PAN 316 STANDARD8979Domestic
PPMSSX08C248-32 X 1-1/2 PH PAN 3164585Domestic
PPMSSX08C288-32 X 1-3/4 PH PAN 3161152Domestic
PPMSSX08C568-32 X 3-1/2 PH PAN 31699Domestic
PPMSSX10C0410-24 X 1/4 PH PAN 3164520Domestic
PPMSSX10C0610-24 X 3/8 PH PAN 31623000Domestic
PPMSSX10C06/DFARS10-24 X 3/8 PH PAN 316 DFARS375Domestic
PPMSSX10C0710-24 X 7/16 PH PAN 316600Domestic
PPMSSX10C0810-24 X 1/2 PH PAN 31613400Domestic
PPMSSX10C10PASS10-24 X 5/8 PH PAN 316 PASSIVATED8200Domestic
PPMSSX10C1610-24 X 1 PH PAN 3163739Domestic
PPMSSX10C2010-24 X 1-1/4 PH PAN 3168400Domestic
PPMSSX10C2610-24 X 1-5/8 PH PAN 316460Domestic
PPMSSX10C3210-24 X 2 PH PAN 316 FFS92 TY3 ST9C1875Domestic
PPMSSX10C5610-24 X 3-1/2 PH PAN 316105Domestic
PPMSSX10F0410-32 X 1/4 PH PAN 3161625Domestic
PPMSSX10F0510-32 X 5/16 PH PAN 31647Domestic
PPMSSX10F0610-32 X 3/8 PH PAN 3167200Domestic
PPMSSX10F0710-32 X 7/16 PH PAN 316130Domestic
PPMSSX10F0810-32 X 1/2 PH PAN 3167200Domestic
PPMSSX10F08PASS10-32 X 1/2 PH PAN 316 PASS'D PER SPEC10950Domestic
PPMSSX10F1010-32 X 5/8 PH PAN 3163475Domestic
PPMSSX10F1210-32 X 3/4 PH PAN 31614662Domestic
PPMSSX10F1410-32 X 7/8 PH PAN 316865Domestic
PPMSSX10F1610-32 X 1 PH PAN 3163100Domestic
PPMSSX10F2010-32 X 1-1/4 PH PAN 316291Domestic
PPMSSX10F2410-32 X 1-1/2 PH PAN 316700Domestic
PPMSSX10F2810-32 X 1-3/4 PH PAN 316940Domestic
PPMSSX10F40FTPASS10-32 X 2-1/2 PH PAN 316 FT PASS'D PER SPEC2660Domestic
PPMSSX12C1212-24 X 3/4 PH PAN 316SS380Domestic
PPMSSX14C081/4-20 X 1/2 PH PAN 316400Domestic
PPMSSX14C121/4-20 X 3/4 PH PAN 316875Domestic
PPMSSX14C121/4-20 X 3/4 PH PAN 31613170Import
PPMSSX14C141/4-20 X 7/8 PH PAN 316285Domestic
PPMSSX14C161/4-20 X 1 PH PAN 3161600Domestic
PPMSSX14C241/4-20 X 1-1/2 PH PAN 316200Domestic
PPMSSX14C321/4-20 X 2 PH PAN 3163150Domestic
PPMSSX14C401/4-20 X 2-1/2 PH PAN 316600Domestic
PPMSSX14C64FTPASS1/4-20 X 4 PH PAN 316 FT PASS'D PER SPEC2980Domestic
PPMSSX31C105/16-18 X 5/8 PH PAN 316500Domestic
PPMSSX31C24PASS5/16-18 X 1-1/2 PH PAN 316 PASS'D PER SPEC1020Domestic
PPMSSX31C285/16-18 X 1-3/4 PH PAN 316200Domestic
PPMSSX37C123/8-16 X 3/4 PH PAN 316470Domestic
PPMSSX37C203/8-16 X 1-1/4 PH PAN 316385Domestic
PPMSSXM04C06M4 X .7 X 6MM PH PAN 316 DIN 79851015Domestic
PRASX06X126 X 3/4 PH ROUND T-A 316516Domestic
PRASX06X146 X 7/8 PH ROUND T-A 316602Domestic
PRMSSX05C065-40 X 3/8 PH ROUND 3161050Domestic
PRMSSX06C066-32 X 3/8 PH ROUND 316875Domestic
PRMSSX10C0610-24 X 3/8 PH ROUND 316325Domestic
PRMSSX10F0810-32 X 1/2 PH ROUND 3163504Domestic
PRMSSX14C20FTPASS1/4-20 X 1-1/4 PH ROUND 316 PASSIVATE600Domestic
PTASX08X088 X 1/2 PH TRUSS T-A 31612850Domestic
PTASX12X2412 X 1-1/2 PH TRUSS T-A 3164630Domestic
PTBSX04X084 X 1/2 PH TRUSS T-B 316245Domestic
PTMSSX06C046-32 X 1/4 PH TRUSS 3162000Domestic
PTMSSX08C068-32 X 3/8 PH TRUSS 316723Domestic
PTMSSX10F0410-32 X 1/4 PH TRUSS 316450Domestic
PTMSSX10F1210-32 X 3/4 PH TRUSS 316700Domestic
PTMSSX10F1610-32 X 1 PH TRUSS 3161385Domestic
PTMSSX14C201/4-20 X 1-1/4 PH TRUSS 316207Domestic
PTMSSX31C12FC5/16-18 X 3/4 PH TRUSS 316 FULL CONTOUR2135Domestic
PTMSSX37C163/8-16 X 1 PH TRUSS 316207Domestic
PUABSX10X24PP10 X 1-1/2 PH FILLSTR T-AB 316 PER 908527 PASSIVATE1355Domestic
PUBSX08X168 X 1 PH FILLSTR T-B 3161100Domestic
PUMSSX08C108-32 X 5/8 PH FILLSTR 316500Domestic
PUMSSX10F0610-32 X 3/8 PH FILLSTR 316650Domestic
PUMSSX10F0810-32 X 1/2 PH FIL 316630Domestic
PUMSSX10F2210-32 X 1-3/8 PH FILLSTR 3162925Domestic
QFABSX10X1610 X 1 SQ SOC FLAT T-AB 316908Domestic
QFABSX12X1612 X 1 SQ SOC FLAT T-AB 316190Domestic
QFABSX14X2414 X 1-1/2 SQ SOC FLAT T-AB 316600Domestic
QFASX08X168 X 1 SQ SOC FLAT T-A 3161180Domestic
SBMSSX04C034-40 X 3/16 SL BINDER 3162427Domestic
SBMSSX04C044-40 X 1/4 SL BINDER 3161284Domestic
SBMSSX04C104-40 X 5/8 SL BINDER 316480Domestic
SBMSSX06F056-40 X 5/16 SL BINDER 316SS2800Domestic
SBMSSX10F0810-32 X 1/2 SL BINDER 31610Domestic
SBMSSX14C081/4-20 X 1/2 SL BINDER 3163616Domestic
SEMSSX14C081/4-20 X 1/2 SL FLAT 100 3161025Domestic
SEMSSX14C141/4-20 X 7/8 SL FLAT 100 316SS545Domestic
SEMSSX14C241/4-20 X 1-1/2 SL FLAT 100 316620Domestic
SFASX06X106 X 5/8 SL FLAT T-A 316550Domestic
SFASX08X068 X 3/8 SL FLAT T-A 316900Domestic
SFASX08X088 X 1/2 SL FLAT T-A 316408Domestic
SFASX08X128 X 3/4 SL FLAT T-A 316485Domestic
SFASX08X168 X 1 SL FLAT T-A 316305Domestic
SFASX08X328 X 2 SL FLAT T-A 316327Domestic
SFASX10X1010 X 5/8 SL FLAT T-A 316445Domestic
SFASX10X1210 X 3/4 SL FLAT T-A 316335Domestic
SFASX10X1610 X 1 SL FLAT T-A 316275Domestic
SFASX10X2010 X 1-1/4 SL FLAT T-A 316130Domestic
SFASX10X2410 X 1-1/2 SL FLAT T-A 316175Domestic
SFASX12X0812 X 1/2 SL FLAT T-A 316430Domestic
SFASX12X2012 X 1-1/4 SL FLAT T-A 316145Domestic
SFASX12X2412 X 1-1/2 SL FLAT T-A 31671Domestic
SFASX12X3212 X 2 SL FLAT T-A 316115Domestic
SFASX14X1214 X 3/4 SL FLAT T-A 316200Domestic
SFASX14X2414 X 1-1/2 SL FLAT T-A 316250Domestic
SFASX14X3214 X 2 SL FLAT T-A 316225Domestic
SFMSSX06C126-32 X 3/4 SL FLAT 31616500Domestic
SFMSSX06F126-40 X 3/4 SL FLAT 316505Domestic
SFMSSX08C068-32 X 3/8 SL FLAT 3162348Domestic
SFMSSX08C168-32 X 1 SL FLAT 31614425Domestic
SFMSSX10C1010-24 X 5/8 SL FLAT 316610Domestic
SFMSSX10C4810-24 X 3 SL FLAT 316100Domestic
SFMSSX10F1210-32 X 3/4 SL FLAT 3162350Domestic
SFMSSX14C081/4-20 X 1/2 SL FLAT 3161180Domestic
SFMSSX14C121/4-20 X 3/4 SL FLAT 3163370Domestic
SFMSSX14C161/4-20 X 1 SL FLAT 3163075Domestic
SFMSSX14C201/4-20 X 1-1/4 SL FLAT 3163200Domestic
SFMSSX14C241/4-20 X 1-1/2 SL FLAT 3162100Domestic
SFMSSX14C321/4-20 X 2 SL FLAT 3161010Domestic
SFMSSX14C48FT1/4-20 X 3 SL FLAT 316 FULL THREAD1795Domestic
SFMSSX14C561/4-20 x 3-1/2 SL FLAT M/S 316 W/ 2" THRD420Domestic
SFMSSX14C64FT1/4-20 X 4 SL FLAT 316 FULL THRD900Domestic
SFMSSX14F091/4-28 X 9/16 SL FLAT 316123Domestic
SFMSSX14F101/4-28 X 5/8 SL FLAT 316325Domestic
SFMSSX31C125/16-18 X 3/4 SL FLAT 316195Domestic
SFMSSX31C145/16-18 X 7/8 SL FLAT 316563Domestic
SFMSSX31C165/16-18 X 1 SL FLAT 3163640Domestic
SFMSSX31C205/16-18 X 1-1/4 SL FLAT 31365Domestic
SFMSSX31C245/16-18 X 1-1/2 SL FLAT 3162120Domestic
SFMSSX31C645/16-18 X 4 SL FLAT 316194Domestic
SFMSSX37C203/8-16 X 1-1/4 SL FLAT 3163148Domestic
SFMSSX37C243/8-16 X 1-1/2 SL FLAT 316260Domestic
SFMSSX37C283/8-16 X 1-3/4 SL FLAT 31625Domestic
SFMSSX37C403/8-16 X 2-1/2 SL FLAT 316423Domestic
SFMSSX37C40FT3/8-16 X 2-1/2 SL FLAT 316 FULL THREAD1180Domestic
SFMSSX37F363/8-24 X 2-1/4 SL FLAT 316131Domestic
SFUCSX14F081/4-28 X 1/2 SL FLAT UC 31280Domestic
SIFSX31C205/16-18 X 1-1/4 SL HEX T-F 316370Domestic
SIMSSX10F2010-32 X 1-1/4 SL IND HEX 316300Domestic
SIMSSX31C165/16-18 X 1 SL IND HEX 316485Domestic
SIMSSX37C203/8-16 X 1-1/4 SL HEX 316675Domestic
SIMSSX37C243/8-16 X 1-1/2 SL HEX 316485Domestic
SJ25SX10X0810 X 1/2 SL HEX WASHER T-25 316SS200Domestic
SJABSX08X08PP8 X 1/2 SL HEX WASHER T-AB 316 PER PRINT 800-033-24990Domestic
SJABSX37X243/8 X 1-1/2 SL HEX WASHER T-AB 316503Domestic
SJASX04X064 X 3/8 SL HEX WASHER T-A 316100Domestic
SJASX04X124 X 3/4 SL HEX WASHER T-A 316120Domestic
SJASX06X246 X 1-1/2 SL HEX WASHER T-A 316195Domestic
SJASX08X328 X 2 SL HEX WASHER T-A 316300Domestic
SJASX10X3210 X 2 SL HEX WASHER T-A 31685Domestic
SJASX12X0812 X 1/2 SL HEX WASHER T-A 316185Domestic
SJASX12X1612 X 1 SL HEX WASHER T-A 3162300Domestic
SJASX14X2414 X 1-1/2 SL HEX WASHER T-A 31698Domestic
SJBSX10X1410 X 7/8 SL HEX WASHER T-B 316235Domestic
SJBSX14X0814 X 1/2 SL HEX WASHER T-B 316620Domestic
SJFSX10C0810-24 X 1/2 SL HEX WASHER T-F 316714Domestic
SJFSX14C081/4-20 X 1/2 SL HEX WASHER T-F 316298Domestic
SJFSX14C201/4-20 X 1-1/4 SL HEX WASHER T-F 316300Domestic
SJMSSX06C146-32 X 7/8 SL HEX WASHER 3161000Domestic
SJMSSX12C1212-24 X 3/4 SL HEX WASHER 316390Domestic
SJMSSX14C141/4-20 X 7/8 SL HEX WASHER 3161215Domestic
SOABSX08X168 X 1 SL OVAL T-AB 316700Domestic
SOASX04X084 X 1/2 SL OVAL T-A 31680Domestic
SOASX04X124 X 3/4 SL OVAL T-A 316375Domestic
SOASX08X068 X 3/8 SL OVAL T-A 316965Domestic
SOASX08X088 X 1/2 SL OVAL T-A 316485Domestic
SOASX08X108 X 5/8 SL OVAL T-A 316915Domestic
SOASX08X128 X 3/4 SL OVAL T-A 316480Domestic
SOASX10X1010 X 5/8 SL OVAL T-A 316188Domestic
SOASX10X1210 X 3/4 SL OVAL T-A 3161060Domestic
SOASX10X2010 X 1-1/4 SL OVAL T-A 316239Domestic
SOASX10X2410 X 1-1/2 SL OVAL T-A 316350Domestic
SOASX10X3210 X 2 SL OVAL T-A 316220Domestic
SOASX12X1612 X 1 SL OVAL T-A 316225Domestic
SOASX12X2012 X 1-1/4 SL OVAL T-A 316260Domestic
SOASX12X2412 X 1-1/2 SL OVAL T-A 316150Domestic
SOASX12X3212 X 2 SL OVAL T-A 316325Domestic
SOASX14X1214 X 3/4 SL OVAL T-A 3162200Domestic
SOASX14X2014 X 1-1/4 SL OVAL T-A 316165Domestic
SOASX14X2414 X 1-1/2 SL OVAL T-A 316115Domestic
SOMSSX14C321/4-20 X 2 SL OVAL 3163830Domestic
SPABSX05X085 X 1/2 SL PAN T-AB 316850Domestic
SPABSX06X046 X 1/4 SL PAN T-AB 316637Domestic
SPABSX08X068 X 3/8 SL PAN T-AB 316580Domestic
SPABSX10X0810 X 1/2 SL PAN T-AB 316300Domestic
SPASX04X044 x 1/4 SL PAN T-A 316835Domestic
SPASX04X124 X 3/4 SL PAN T-A 316335Domestic
SPASX06X166 X 1 SL PAN T-A 316200Domestic
SPASX08X088 X 1/2 SL PAN T-A 316310Domestic
SPASX08X128 X 3/4 SL PAN T-A 3161395Domestic
SPASX08X208 X 1-1/4 SL PAN T-A 316219Domestic
SPASX08X328 X 2 SL PAN T-A 316275Domestic
SPASX10X0810 X 1/2 SL PAN T-A 3163700Domestic
SPASX10X1010 X 5/8 SL PAN T-A 316325Domestic
SPASX10X1210 X 3/4 SL PAN T-A 31680Domestic
SPASX10X2010 X 1-1/4 SL PAN T-A 316425Domestic
SPASX12X1212 X 3/4 SL PAN T-A 31680Domestic
SPASX14X1614 X 1 SL PAN T-A 31690Domestic
SPASX14X2014 X 1-1/4 SL PAN T-A 316120Domestic
SPASX14X2414 X 1-1/2 SL PAN T-A 316100Domestic
SPASX14X3214 X 2 SL PAN T-A 316125Domestic
SPBSX10X1210 X 3/4 SL PAN T-B 316159Domestic
SPFSX06C066-32 X 3/8 SL PAN T-F 3162400Domestic
SPFSX10F0610-32 X 3/8 SL PAN T-F 316347Domestic
SPMSSX04C034-40 X 3/16 SL PAN 316670Domestic
SPMSSX04C044-40 X 1/4 SL PAN 31611200Domestic
SPMSSX04C054-40 X 5/16 SL PAN 3168700Domestic
SPMSSX04C064-40 X 3/8 SL PAN 3161495Domestic
SPMSSX04C084-40 X 1/2 SL PAN 3162940Domestic
SPMSSX04C124-40 X 3/4 SL PAN 3167925Domestic
SPMSSX06C046-32 X 1/4 SL PAN 3163310Domestic
SPMSSX06C056-32 X 5/16 SL PAN 31614200Domestic
SPMSSX06C066-32 X 3/8 SL PAN 3163600Domestic
SPMSSX06C086-32 X 1/2 SL PAN 3164960Domestic
SPMSSX06C106-32 X 5/8 SL PAN 3166954Domestic
SPMSSX06C126-32 X 3/4 SL PAN 3161000Domestic
SPMSSX06C166-32 X 1 SL PAN 316 FFS92 TY1 ST9S4697Domestic
SPMSSX06C16BO6-32 X 1 SL PAN 316SS BL 93010C0011100Domestic
SPMSSX06C186-32 X 1-1/8 SL PAN 316337Domestic
SPMSSX06C206-32 X 1-1/4 SL PAN 3162085Domestic
SPMSSX06C246-32 X 1-1/2 SL PAN 316179Domestic
SPMSSX06C266-32 X 1-5/8 SL PAN 316200Domestic
SPMSSX06C306-32 X 1-7/8 SL PAN 3162200Domestic
SPMSSX06C406-32 X 2-1/2 SL PAN 3161540Domestic
SPMSSX06C486-32 X 3 SL PAN 3161811Domestic
SPMSSX06C566-32 X 3-1/2 SL PAN 316300Domestic
SPMSSX08C068-32 X 3/8 SL PAN 316337921Domestic
SPMSSX08C108-32 X 5/8 SL PAN 316125Domestic
SPMSSX08C128-32 X 3/4 SL PAN 3168700Domestic
SPMSSX08C148-32 X 7/8 SL PAN 316440Domestic
SPMSSX08C168-32 X 1 SL PAN 31614163Domestic
SPMSSX08C568-32 X 3-1/2 SL PAN 3161708Domestic
SPMSSX10C0410-24 X 1/4 SL PAN 3161585Domestic
SPMSSX10C06L10-24 X 3/8 SL PAN 316L615Domestic
SPMSSX10C1010-24 X 5/8 SL PAN 316510Domestic
SPMSSX10C1210-24 X 3/4 SL PAN 316135Domestic
SPMSSX10C2010-24 X 1-1/4 SL PAN 3161690Domestic
SPMSSX10C3210-24 X 2 SL PAN 316910Domestic
SPMSSX10F0410-32 X 1/4 SL PAN 3163215Domestic
SPMSSX10F0610-32 X 3/8 SL PAN 31664870Domestic
SPMSSX10F0810-32 X 1/2 SL PAN 31616125Domestic
SPMSSX10F1210-32 X 3/4 SL PAN 3165599Domestic
SPMSSX10F1610-32 X 1 SL PAN 3165599Domestic
SPMSSX10F2010-32 X 1-1/4 SL PAN 3161315Domestic
SPMSSX10F2410-32 X 1-1/2 SL PAN 316330Domestic
SPMSSX10F5610-32 X 3-1/2 SL PAN 31675Domestic
SPMSSX14C081/4-20 X 1/2 SL PAN 3161335Domestic
SPMSSX14C101/4-20 X 5/8 SL PAN 316105Domestic
SPMSSX14C121/4-20 X 3/4 SL PAN 316480Domestic
SPMSSX14C241/4-20 X 1-1/2 SL PAN 3163010Domestic
SPMSSX14C321/4-20 X 2 SL PAN 316562Domestic
SPMSSX14C401/4-20 X 2-1/2 SL PAN 3161906Domestic
SPMSSX31C085/16-18 X 1/2 SL PAN 3163378Domestic
SPMSSX31C105/16-18 X 5/8 SL PAN 3162600Domestic
SPMSSX31C125/16-18 X 3/4 SL PAN 3161813Domestic
SPMSSX31C165/16-18 X 1 SL PAN 316320Domestic
SPMSSX37C163/8-16 X 1 SL PAN 316100Domestic
SPWMSSX08C04SR8-32 X 1/4 SL PAN WASHER 316 W/ SERRATIONS24778Domestic
SRBSX10X1210 X 3/4 SL ROUND T-B 316450Domestic
SRFSX06C086-32 X 1/2 SL ROUND T-F 316400Domestic
SRMSSX04C024-40 X 1/8 SL ROUND 316635Domestic
SRMSSX04C044-40 X 1/4 SL ROUND 316400Domestic
SRMSSX06C046-32 X 1/4 SL ROUND 3164570Domestic
SRMSSX06C086-32 X 1/2 SL ROUND 31612500Domestic
SRMSSX06C126-32 X 3/4 SL ROUND 3164300Domestic
SRMSSX06C166-32 X 1 SL ROUND 316818Domestic
SRMSSX06C22L6-32 X 1-3/8 SL ROUND 316L5048Domestic
SRMSSX06C326-32 X 2 SL ROUND 3161220Domestic
SRMSSX08C038-32 X 3/16 SL ROUND 3164646Domestic
SRMSSX08C058-32 X 5/16 SL ROUND 316980Domestic
SRMSSX08C068-32 X 3/8 SL ROUND 316350Domestic
SRMSSX08C088-32 X 1/2 SL ROUND 3165883Domestic
SRMSSX08C168-32 X 1 SL ROUND 316200Domestic
SRMSSX08C488-32 X 3 SL ROUND 31643Domestic
SRMSSX10C0710-24 X 7/16 SL ROUND 3161215Domestic
SRMSSX10C2010-24 X 1-1/4 SL ROUND 316810Domestic
SRMSSX10C2810-24 X 1-3/4 SL ROUND 3161062Domestic
SRMSSX10F0710-32 X 7/16 SL ROUND 316370Domestic
SRMSSX10F1610-32 X 1 SL ROUND 3162877Domestic
SRMSSX10F2410-32 X 1-1/2 SL ROUND 3161100Domestic
SRMSSX10F4810-32 X 3 SL ROUND 3161922Domestic
SRMSSX12C0812-24 X 1/2 SL ROUND 316275Domestic
SRMSSX12C1012-24 X 5/8 SL ROUND 316715Domestic
SRMSSX12C1612-24 X 1 SL ROUND 316185Domestic
SRMSSX14C041/4-20 X 1/4 SL ROUND 316190Domestic
SRMSSX14C121/4-20 X 3/4 SL ROUND 316670Domestic
SRMSSX14C161/4-20 X 1 SL ROUND 3167230Domestic
SRMSSX14C201/4-20 X 1-1/4 SL ROUND 316755Domestic
SRMSSX14C241/4-20 X 1-1/2 SL ROUND 3167080Domestic
SRMSSX14C321/4-20 X 2 SL ROUND 316644Domestic
SRMSSX14F081/4-28 X 1/2 SL ROUND 3161250Domestic
SRMSSX37C063/8-16 X 3/8 SL ROUND 31695Domestic
SRMSSX37C123/8-16 X 3/4 SL ROUND 3161115Domestic
SRMSSX37F103/8-24 X 5/8 SL ROUND 316414Domestic
SRMSSX37F123/8-24 X 3/4 SL ROUND 316632Domestic
STFSX08C088-32 X 1/2 SL TRUSS T-F 316300Domestic
STMSSX06C056-32 X 5/16 SL TRUSS 316215Domestic
STMSSX08C048-32 X 1/4 SL TRUSS 3168172Domestic
STMSSX08C068-32 X 3/8 SL TRUSS 3161275Domestic
STMSSX10C1210-24 X 3/4 SL TRUSS 316215Domestic
STMSSX10C1610-24 X 1 SL TRUSS 316SS295Domestic
STMSSX10C2410-24 X 1-1/2 SL TRUSS 3161236Domestic
STMSSX10F1810-32 X 1-1/8 SL TRUSS 316295Domestic
STMSSX14F081/4-28 X 1/2 SL TRUSS 316L705Domestic
STMSSX31C125/16-18 X 3/4 SL TRUSS 316150Domestic
STMSSX31C165/16-18 X 1 SL TRUSS 31647Domestic
SUBSX06X086 X 1/2 SL FILLSTR T-B 31625100Domestic
SUMSSX06C086-32 X 1/2 SL FILLSTR 3161700Domestic
SUMSSX08C058-32 X 5/16 SL FILLSTR 31616575Domestic
SUMSSX08C248-32 X 1-1/2 SL FILLSTR 3168325Domestic
SUMSSX08C408-32 X 2-1/2 SL FILLSTR 316202Domestic
SUMSSX10C0410-24 X 1/4 SL FILLSTR 3161145Domestic
SUMSSX10C0810-24 X 1/2 SL FILLSTR 316919Domestic
SUMSSX10C2410-24 X 1-1/2 SL FILLSTR 3161605Domestic
SUMSSX10F0810-32 X 1/2 SL FILLSTR 316455Domestic
SUMSSX10F1210-32 X 3/4 SL FILLSTR 316395Domestic
SUMSSX10F3010-32 X 1-7/8 SL FILLSTR 316245Domestic
SUMSSX12C0612-24 X 3/8 SL FILSTR 316465Domestic
SUMSSX14C061/4-20 X 3/8 SL FILLSTR 316510Domestic
SUMSSX14C081/4-20 X 1/2 SL FILLSTR 316320Domestic
SUMSSX14C121/4-20 X 3/4 SL FILLSTR 31615Domestic
SUMSSX14F081/4-28 X 1/2 SL FILLSTR 316900Domestic
SUMSSX14F101/4-28 X 5/8 SL FILLSTR 316150Domestic
URUSX04X034 X 3/16 ROUND U-DRIVE 316700Domestic
URUSX07X057 X 5/16 ROUND U DRIVE 316SS885Domestic
URUSX07X087 X 1/2 ROUND U DRIVE 316SS200Domestic
WMLSX315/16 MED SPLIT LOCK WASHER 31628800Import
XFCSSXM03C08PPM3 X 0.5 X 8MM 6-LOBE FLAT 316 PER PRINT695Domestic
XPABSX10X2010 X 1-1/4 6-LOBE PAN T-AB 316SS6325Domestic
XPMSSXM06C12M6 X 1 X 12MM 6-LOBE PAN 3161475Domestic
XPMSSXM06C12PPM6 X 1 X 12MM 6-LOBE PAN 316SS PER PRINT1750Domestic